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A man who hurled a petrol bomb at TN Raj Bhavan chanted the slogan ‘Ban NEET’ while on his way to court.



Protesting for Change: The “Ban NEET” Slogan and the Attack on TN Raj Bhavan


Protests for change are a common sight in a democracy. However, sometimes, they take unexpected and even violent turns, as seen when a man recently hurled a petrol bomb at Tamil Nadu’s Raj Bhavan while chanting the slogan “Ban NEET.” This incident has reignited the heated debate surrounding the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in the state of Tamil Nadu. In this blog, we’ll explore the motivations behind the attack and the broader issue of NEET in the state.

The NEET Controversy:

NEET is a standardized medical entrance examination in India, and it has been a subject of controversy in Tamil Nadu for several years. Critics argue that the examination places students from rural and economically disadvantaged backgrounds at a disadvantage, leading to social and economic disparities in access to medical education. The state government has taken steps to abolish NEET, while others believe it should remain.


The Attack on TN Raj Bhavan:

The recent attack on Tamil Nadu’s Raj Bhavan was a shocking incident, with a man hurling a petrol bomb and chanting “Ban NEET” while doing so. The motive behind the attack was a clear expression of frustration and anger, although it was executed in a dangerous and unacceptable manner.

The Role of Protests:

Protests are an essential part of any democratic society, allowing citizens to voice their concerns and grievances. However, it is crucial that these demonstrations remain peaceful and respectful of the law. Violent actions like the attack on Raj Bhavan can overshadow the message and harm the cause they seek to support.

The NEET Debate in Tamil Nadu:


The NEET debate in Tamil Nadu is deeply rooted in issues of social justice and access to education. Supporters of NEET argue that it provides a level playing field for all aspiring medical students, while opponents believe it disadvantages marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities.

A Call for Dialogue and Resolution:

The incident at TN Raj Bhavan emphasizes the urgency of addressing the NEET issue in Tamil Nadu. It is a call for policymakers to engage in open dialogue, considering the concerns of all stakeholders, and work toward a solution that ensures equal opportunities for all aspiring medical students while addressing any systemic disparities.

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