It's official: 3D curls will rule in 2022. To highlight the multifaceted beauty of curly hair, embrace your locks while enhancing the lovely, springy texture you were born with. Three-dimensional curls, one of the hottest hair trends for 2022, can also be obtained by using hair care methods that strengthen and define curls, eliminate frizz, and add dimension.

The sexiest hairstyles on TikTok for 2022 are understated sophistication, according to Nishanth and Kabir, Senior Stylists at Looks Salon, in an interview with HT Lifestyle. Initially popular were bottleneck bangs, but now 3D curls are becoming more popular. Natural hair texture is taking centre stage with this amazing style. 3D curls are used to highlight the multidimensional shape.

"It seems like the curlier the hair, the better," they continued. The aim of 3D curls is to give each individual curl dimension by displaying its curvature, but to get that highly desired 3D curl pop, more than just good genes are required. To find out what works best for you, though, may require some trial and error because everyone is different.

Co-Founders of Manetain Hinshara Habeeb and Yuba Khan offered the following advice when discussing how to achieve 3D curls:

1. Start by hydrating with a leave-in conditioning cream or spray. Locking in moisture now will help you achieve that defined, soft look when your hair is dry. Apply it in sections using a brush or a fine-tooth comb, and then proceed.

2. After just washing your hair, use your preferred strong hold styling product. Apply liberally to sections of your hair with curls. The most important step in creating a hard cast is letting the gel dry. Avoid touching the curls as they are drying. This keeps the ideal form intact.

3. After the curl cast has dried, it's time to take it off. While gently massaging the curls to give them that touchable bounce, scrunch as you go to maintain the shape. Avoid finger combing the curls because you want to preserve their multidimensional definition. Massage keeps the bounce of the curls while reducing the crunch of a strong hold gel.
4. Finish with a shine spray - After detangling your curls, spray some shine to highlight the glossy 3D coils.




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