The Department of Posts and the Socio-Religious Forum have come together to provide services for bone immersion and Shraddha rituals in the Ganga at Om Divya Darshan, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, and Gaya.

The service is especially meant for those who could not perform post-death rituals including bone immersion and 'Shraddha' of their loved ones who died during the pandemic.

Those taking advantage of the new facility will be able to watch the rituals live.

Krishna Kumar Yadav, Postmaster General, Varanasi Zone, said, “Many people lost their loved ones due to Covid, but could not perform their last rites. Now, the ashes can be sent to these holy cities through speed post by informing the postal department.”

He said that people will have to register themselves on the portal of Om Divya Darshan for the 'Asthi Visarjan' or 'Shraddha' ceremony.

The ashes can be kept in a packet and sent by speed post to Varanasi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, and Gaya.

The packet of 'Asti' should be neatly packed and the description 'Om Divya Darshan' should be written in capital letters. Speed ​​post charges will be borne by the sender.

He said that after booking, the sender will have to update the details including speed post barcode number on Om Divya Darshan's portal. After receiving the packet at the post office, it will be delivered to the postal address.

After that, the empaneled priests will perform the 'Shraddha' ceremony on a predetermined date and time slot, which will be a webcast (live) for the family members.

After this, a bottle of Ganga water will be booked and delivered to the relatives of the deceased through speed post.

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