Delhi’s heat wave could end tomorrow, and rain is expected starting on May 24.

Title: Delhi’s Heat Wave Nearing an End: Anticipated Relief with Rainfall from May 24 Introduction: Delhi, the vibrant capital of India, has been enduring scorching temperatures as a relentless heat wave has gripped the city for the past few weeks. The sweltering heat

Delhi temperatures are expected to rise further over the weekend: IMD

Title: Bracing for the Heat: Delhi’s Rising Temperatures Forecasted to Soar Over the Weekend, warns IMD Introduction: As the summer season intensifies, Delhi residents are bracing themselves for even hotter weather conditions. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning that temperatures

Delhi government vs. L-G: How the Centre’s new ordinance violates the Supreme Court’s decision on the public’s will

Title: Delhi Government vs. L-G: How the Centre’s New Ordinance Violates the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Public’s Will Introduction: The ongoing power struggle between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) has taken a concerning turn with the Centre’s introduction of

Students at Hindu College demand that the suspension notices be withdrawn.

Title: Upholding Student Voices: Hindu College Students Demand Withdrawal of Suspension Notices Introduction In recent days, the campus of Hindu College has been buzzing with student protests, as a significant number of students have come forward to demand the withdrawal of suspension notices

Delhi HC creates a commission to perform unexpected inspections of Tihar jail’s food and sanitation

Title: Delhi HC Creates a Commission to Perform Unexpected Inspections of Tihar Jail’s Food and Sanitation Introduction In a significant move aimed at ensuring the well-being and rights of inmates, the Delhi High Court has established a commission tasked with conducting surprise inspections

After the Supreme Court’s decision, Delhi Mayor Kejriwal pledges a “massive administrative overhaul.”

Title: After the Supreme Court’s Decision, Delhi Mayor Kejriwal Pledges a “Massive Administrative Overhaul” Introduction In a landmark decision that sent shockwaves through the political landscape, the Supreme Court recently made a ruling that has the potential to reshape the future of Delhi’s

Delhi University Hostel on Visit: “Conduct… Beyond Dignity” by Rahul Gandhi

Title: “Conduct… Beyond Dignity: Exploring Delhi University Hostel on Visit” Introduction: Delhi University (DU) is renowned not only for its academic excellence but also for its vibrant campus life. One aspect that shapes this campus experience is the university hostels. These hostels serve

All corridors in the Delhi Metro now provide tickets with QR codes. Find Out More.

The Delhi Metro has revolutionized public transportation in the National Capital Region of India since its launch in 2002. It has been constantly upgrading its technology and services to provide a better experience for its passengers. One of the latest upgrades is the

CM Kejriwal of Delhi has announced a plan to introduce upscale buses operated by private aggregators.

Recently, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, announced a new plan to introduce upscale buses operated by private aggregators in the city. This move aims to improve the public transport system and provide better services to the citizens of Delhi. The upscale

Arvind Kejriwal as 2 defendants obtain bail in case of Delhi liquor scandal being fraudulent, even the court says so

The recent decision of a Delhi court to grant bail to Arvind Kejriwal and two other defendants in a case related to the alleged fraudulent issuance of licenses for the sale of liquor in the city has sparked controversy and criticism. The case,