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Following the ‘drone assassination attempt’ on Putin, Russia had no choice but to physically eliminate Zelensky



It is important to preface this blog by stating that there is no evidence to suggest that the events described in the title have actually occurred. The statement is purely speculative and is not based on any factual information.

The alleged “drone assassination attempt” on Russian President Vladimir Putin has been widely reported in the media, with many commentators expressing concern over the potential escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. However, the suggestion that Russia had “no choice” but to physically eliminate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in response to the alleged drone attack is not only baseless but also deeply concerning.

Firstly, it is worth noting that the alleged drone attack on Putin has not been definitively proven to be the work of Ukrainian forces. While some Russian officials have blamed Ukraine for the incident, others have suggested that it may have been carried out by non-state actors or even by Russian intelligence agencies themselves as a pretext for military action against Ukraine. Therefore, the idea that Russia would be justified in physically eliminating Zelensky in response to an attack that may not have been carried out by Ukraine in the first place is highly questionable.

Moreover, the suggestion that the assassination of a foreign head of state would be an appropriate response to an alleged drone attack is deeply concerning and runs counter to international law and norms. The use of assassination or extrajudicial killing as a tool of statecraft is widely condemned by the international community, and such actions are typically met with swift and severe diplomatic and economic repercussions.

Furthermore, the notion that Russia had “no choice” but to resort to assassination in response to a perceived threat is highly problematic. Diplomatic channels and other peaceful means of resolving disputes exist precisely to avoid such escalations of violence, and it is incumbent upon all responsible actors to exhaust these options before resorting to military force or other extreme measures.


In short, the suggestion that Russia had “no choice” but to physically eliminate Zelensky in response to the alleged drone attack on Putin is not only unfounded but also deeply concerning. It is imperative that all parties involved in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine prioritize peaceful, diplomatic solutions and avoid any actions that could further escalate tensions or lead to further violence.

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After receiving a Bollywood offer, ‘ISI agent’ Seema Haider’s Pakistani identity has come under scrutiny once more; the MNS leader has issued a ‘clear warning’



In the complex world of politics, entertainment, and international relations, even the smallest events can have far-reaching consequences. The recent news of Seema Haider, an alleged ‘ISI agent’ from Pakistan, receiving a Bollywood offer, has once again thrust her identity into the spotlight. The development has triggered a fresh wave of scrutiny and raised concerns, prompting a stern warning from a Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader. This incident highlights the delicate interplay between personal choices, national allegiances, and political sentiments.

A Brief Overview of Seema Haider’s Background

Seema Haider, a name that has been synonymous with intrigue, is reportedly an individual with links to Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI. Her alleged involvement in espionage activities had previously landed her under the scanner of various security agencies. The complexities surrounding her identity have recently been compounded by an unexpected turn of events – a Bollywood film offer.

The Bollywood Offer: A New Twist in the Tale

The world of entertainment has its unique power to surprise, and the offer extended to Seema Haider is a testament to that. While the details of the film and the role she is supposed to play remain undisclosed, the fact that someone with her alleged background has been considered for a role has raised eyebrows. This development has ignited debates on whether this is a mere publicity stunt, an attempt to distance her from her espionage accusations, or a genuine artistic opportunity.

Identity Scrutiny Rekindled

Seema Haider’s impending foray into Bollywood has once again ignited the flames of scrutiny around her identity. Questions are being raised about her true allegiances and intentions. Is she trying to use this opportunity to reshape her image, moving away from her alleged links to espionage? Or is this a calculated move by those involved in the film industry to gain attention and generate controversy?

The MNS Leader’s Stern Warning

Amidst the swirling controversies, a Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader has issued a clear warning about the potential consequences of Seema Haider’s Bollywood offer. This move has further complicated the situation, as political leaders express concerns about the implications of giving a platform to someone with alleged links to a foreign intelligence agency. The leader’s stance is a reflection of the broader political sentiment and the complexities of diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan.


The Broader Implications

Beyond the personal and political dimensions, Seema Haider’s situation serves as a microcosm of the broader complexities that come with navigating personal choices in the midst of international relations. The entertainment industry often finds itself at the intersection of art, politics, and societal values. This incident highlights the need for careful consideration and sensitivity when making decisions that have the potential to impact not just an individual’s reputation, but also the geopolitical dynamics of the region.

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