December 5, 2022

Awasthi is the head of the Law Commission


Rituraj Awasthi, a retired High Court Chief Justice, has been chosen to lead the Law Commission.
Law Minister Kiren Rijiju announced on Monday that retired High Court Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi has been chosen to serve as the law commission’s chair.

The 22nd Law Commission was informed on February 24, 2020, more than two years after the appointment was announced.

The union government has already informed Parliament that the 22nd law panel might take up the matter pertaining to the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

According to a tweet from Mr. Rijiju, “The Central Govt is glad to designate Justice Rituraj Awasthi, Retired HC Chief Justice, as Chairperson, Law Commission of India and Justice K.T. Sankaran, Professors Anand Paliwal, DP Verma, Raka Arya, and M. Karunanithi as Members of the Commission.”

The 22nd Law Commission was established with a three-year term. Although the notification was delayed, the law panel’s term should end in February of the next year.

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