December 5, 2022

Bengal minister under criticism for comment on Murmu, “how does President appear,” and the most recent information

President Murmu

Mamata Banerjee’s minister under fire for ‘how does President look’ comment on Droupadi Murmu. Akhil Giri caught on camera commenting on President Draupadi Murmukh’s looks while addressing a crowd in Nandigram.

The Assam government has decided to reopen all cases of unnatural deaths involving domestic help over the past year. Team India had a disappointing night in Adelaide on Thursday, as the side faced a humiliating 10-wicket loss in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup.

Authentic spy dramas can never disappoint, be it Raazi or Mukhbir. What makes them stand out is not just the action and gripping stories of spies but how well they address the vulnerability of humans who may come back home in a rare occurrence but their souls may never recover.

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