December 5, 2022

14,288 New Daily Covid Cases are Recorded in China Days After Relaxed Curbs


On Saturday, 14,288 new local Covid cases were reported in China, and the rate of infection is accelerating even as the country’s top health officials start to improve guidelines for controlling the virus.
According to the National Health Commission, 1,675 new local symptomatic cases and 13,086 asymptomatic cases were discovered on Saturday, with 533 of those cases being reclassified. This is more than the 11,323 total recorded nationwide on Friday. Since surpassing that mark for the first time since April last week, the number of daily cases has remained above 10,000.

The provinces or municipalities with the most outbreaks continue to be Guangdong, Henan, Beijing, Chongqing, and Inner Mongolia. After the government’s Covid Zero playbook underwent a significant overhaul, change started to occur quickly on the ground.

According to the new guidelines, cities have reduced mass Covid testing and released people from detention facilities despite an increase in the number of cases nationwide. At a briefing on the policy adjustment on Saturday, officials stated that additional changes would be made in incremental steps.

Following the new rules, it is still unclear to what extent and how much tightening will take place, particularly in cities where the number of cases is consistently high. Party Secretary Chen Min’er reiterated tasks to reduce movement and gatherings and increase testing capabilities to prevent further spread during a meeting on virus controls in Chongqing, which reported 1,817 new cases on Saturday.

According to the organizer’s WeChat account, the West Bund art and design fair in Shanghai has been postponed due to health concerns.

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