December 5, 2022

A government panel suggests a single law to control online gaming


An Interministerial Task Force (IMTF) set up to explore new regulations for online gaming has recommended central legislation to govern it. The report cited inconsistencies in the state laws regarding online gambling while backing central legislation. It said an online gaming platform must not allow or facilitate transactions through unauthorised payment systems. There is a lack of clarity on the classification of games of skill and games of chance, a parliamentary panel has said. High courts have also given differing judgements on the legality of a certain type of online game.

Some states are in the process of framing their own gambling laws. IMTF has recommended the introduction of player protection requirements for online gaming platforms that are uniform across all states. It has sought the elimination of the inconsistencies between the laws of different states and to have a single body to address issues pertaining to online gaming. Online gambling was excluded from its scope since betting and gambling are state subjects.

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