December 5, 2022

Check out these suggestions for a hassle-free business trip when you’re travelling.


If one can balance work and pleasure, business trips can be enjoyable as well. Business travel can be inconvenient and even uncomfortable for frequent business travellers, but seasoned travellers know that they can have a much better experience when they adhere to a few guidelines that ensure business trips will be simpler, cosier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Business travellers can now take advantage of ultra-luxurious hospitality services at airports, which improves their travel experience. Let’s start by understanding simple tricks that can make a business trip seamless.

The following advice was provided by Vikas Sharma, CEO of Encalm Hospitality Pvt Ltd, in an interview with HT Lifestyle for a successful business trip:

  1. Travel light.

Most business trips last no more than a week. Therefore, always keep in mind to pack a bag that can fit in the hand baggage. This will eliminate the need to wait around for the checked luggage at the airport. Any business trip should be sufficient with the following necessities:

Any necessary travel documentation (boarding pass, passport, etc.)

Cards credit (business and personal)

A charger and your phone

A laptop or tablet, along with an adapter if you’re travelling abroad.

A compact wardrobe that consists of your professional attire, travel attire, and a pair of sneakers.

Everything you require for your conference or meeting

  1. Make the most of your airport encounter

By using airport meet-and-greet services, which handle all the airport formalities, travellers on business trips can have a seamless airport experience. These services are there to assist the travellers at every stage, from greeting them at the entrance to guiding them through all the procedures until they board the flight. The time saved by using this meet-and-greet service at the airport is crucial for keeping the strict schedules requirements of travellers on business trips.

  1. Examine airport lounges

Use airport lounges to your advantage because they can make business travel much more pleasant as you always need a quiet place at the airport to unwind and finish your work without interruptions. Nowadays, the majority of airports have a dedicated business traveller lounge. The idea behind the lounge is to give travellers at airports comfort and wellness. As a result, they have carefully chosen amenities like a spa, a shower, and sleeping pods at these lounges with the traveler’s overall wellbeing in mind. Due to the business centres located in the lounges, you’ll never miss a meeting or lose a deal. Finally, the lounges now feature a bar and a designated cigar room for those who simply want to relax and unwind during layovers.

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