December 5, 2022

Himanta Sarma on Bengal Minister’s remark about President: “Mamata Banerjee should act.”


Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, has responded to the controversy surrounding West Bengal minister Akhil Giri’s remarks regarding President Droupadi Murmu. Even as Giri apologised for his comments, Mamata Banerjee has been the target of attacks from several BJP leaders. Sarma insisted on Sunday that the chief minister of Bengal “take a tough call.” Sarma made his remarks in response to a complaint made about the situation by BJP MP Locket Chatterjee.

“Everyone believes he made the statement on purpose. Himanta Biswa Sarma was quoted by the news agency ANI as saying that Mamata Banerjee should take action against him. Assamese tribal members complained about him. But the Chief Minister must make a difficult decision, he continued.

Locket Chatterjee, a BJP member of parliament, recommended that Mamata Banerjee fire the minister earlier in the day. Mamata Banerjee told the media, according to HT, “Till now Mamata Banerjee hasn’t issued any statements despite she is a woman and her party leader insulting a tribal woman who is sitting on the highest chair of our Nation.” “Had it been a woman-related incident in Uttar Pradesh, she would have sent a group of MPs and thinkers to organise a candle march. She ought to fire Giri right away,” she continued. The 47-year-old leader has complained about the situation in Delhi.

Giri is heard saying in a video that is in the middle of the controversy: “He (Suvendu Adhikari) says I’m not good-looking.

How gorgeous you are! We respect the office of the President and don’t base our opinions on someone’s appearance (of India). However, how does our President appear? “HT, however, is unable to confirm the clip’s legitimacy.

Later, after the incident caused a significant uproar, he apologised. “I respect the Indian President, who is the Head of State, in the same way that I respect the nation’s constitution. I also follow the country’s constitution when I am at work “He said, according to a report from PTI. While the opposition Trinamool Congress has already denounced the remark, they are now going after BJP member Suvendu Adhikari for remarks he made about a state minister who is a woman. “Akhil Giri acted improperly. We categorically reject that. What about this, though? Also an honourable minister is Birbaha Hansda. BJP ought to denounce SA’s language. Please take into account his earlier remarks, DG’s Bermuda statement, and NM’s “Ooooooo Didi” in an evening teaser tone as well (sic),” TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh tweeted.

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