December 5, 2022

Need to use WhatsApp on two different phones? Soon, owing to Companion mode, you will be able to use WhatsApp on four devices.


Many WhatsApp users want to use the instant messaging platform on two additional devices while still using the same phone number. The same is not possible with WhatsApp because it only allows one smartphone to be logged in at once. However, WhatsApp can be used simultaneously on a desktop and a mobile device. Currently, WhatsApp is working to make it possible for users to use the Companion mode feature to access WhatsApp on two or more smartphones at once while using the same number.

The companion mode for WhatsApp has reportedly been rolled out to some beta testers, according to the WABetaInfo website, which tracks the application’s upcoming features. It stated that WhatsApp is using some beta testers to enable the feature as it tests the companion mode for mobile phones.

They have the choice to connect a second smartphone using WhatsApp’s “Link Device” feature. The current method of scanning QR codes will be used for the linking.

The report claims that once you connect a second smartphone, your chat history will sync to that device as well, allowing you to view and respond to calls and messages. As a result, a beta tester can now use one WhatsApp account to connect up to four devices—two smartphones, one tablet, and a desktop.

In India, WhatsApp has about 500 million users. Once it has been released to all users after testing, this feature can be useful for both data transfer between two smartphones as well as for people who have two smartphones but only want to use one number to access WhatsApp services. By doing this, you won’t need to keep a separate number just to use WhatsApp on two smartphones.

In addition, WhatsApp recently expanded its WhatsApp Communities feature to all countries and raised the maximum number of group members to 1024. Users can create multiple groups using the community feature. There can be a maximum of 12 groups in a community.

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