December 5, 2022

Updates on the coronavirus in India show 547 new cases and 1 fatality in the past day.


According to data updated on Monday by the Union Health Ministry, India reported an increase of 547 new cases of Covid-19 in a single day, the lowest number since April 8, 2020, bringing the total number of infections in the nation to 4,46,66,924. Keep checking back for all live updates.

Nov. 14 at 9:57 (IST)
According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 9,468 active Covid-19 cases in India.

A daily increase of 547 new Covid-19 cases brings India’s total number of infections to 4,46,66,922, while the death toll rises to 5,30,532 at 09:57 (IST) on November 14: Govt

Beijing reports 237 symptomatic and 170 asymptomatic Covid cases for November 13 as of 7:29 (IST) November 14. (Reuters)

Nov. 14 at 7:28 (IST)
Concerns over a potential resurgence were raised on Wednesday when the number of daily new virus cases in South Korea reached 62,472, the highest level in nearly two months.

South Korean PM urges vigilance against Covid resurgence issues at 7:28 (IST) on November 14

As the nation prepares for a new wave of the contagious virus in the winter, South Korea’s Prime Minister Han Duck-soo demanded on Monday that precautionary measures against Covid-19 be taken as soon as possible. The Prime Minister informed a Cabinet meeting that the coronavirus wave, which appeared to be slightly slowing, is starting to spread once more during the winter months. To stop the resurgence in its early stages, quick action is required.

Nov. 14 at 7:28 (IST), China reports 14,878 new Covid cases on November 12 compared to 16,203 on November 13

According to the National Health Commission’s report released on Monday, China reported 16,203 new infections for Nov. 13 of which 1,794 were symptomatic and 14,409 were asymptomatic. Comparatively, 14,878 new cases (1,711 symptomatic and 13,167 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately) were reported a day earlier.

Rising virus cases will test China’s relaxed Covid zero regulations on November 14 at 7:27 (IST).

After health officials on the weekend said the changes were a refinement, not a relaxation, of the rules, the recent spike in Covid cases threatens to become an early test of China’s resolve to loosen some of its strict virus controls. The number of cases reported nationally for Sunday was 15,525; this is the fourth day in a row that the number has remained above 10,000, which was last reached in late April when Shanghai was still experiencing its arduous lockdown. The largest outbreaks continue to occur in the provinces or municipalities of Guangdong, Henan, Beijing, Chongqing, and Inner Mongolia.

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