December 5, 2022

Who might attend the coronation of King Charles? Tom Cruise is a “Royal fan.”

Tom Cruise

In an effort to cut back on royal expenses, King Charles III cut the number of guests at his coronation from 8,000 to 2,000. King Charles is reportedly eager to invite Hollywood star Tom Cruise to his coronation next year, according to royal expert Neil Sean, despite the fact that the final guest list has not yet been confirmed. In particular during her final few months, Tom Cruise and the late Queen Elizabeth II formed a sweet friendship. “You may have heard a friendship developed so much so that Tom was invited first to tea with Her Majesty The Queen and then for an informal lunch,” Neil Sean said when discussing their friendship.

Tom Cruise was a “good associate of the late Duke of Edinburgh,” according to the royal expert, but he is also a “major major royal fan.” Neil Sean added that it “seems like Tom could be given some kind of, not just invite, [but] a] certain role within the impending coronation.”

Given that so many of our wonderful American friends adore all things royal, Neil Sean said, “I think this is a great idea.” Prior to his mother’s passing in September, Neil Sean said: “The King was really pleased with the way that Tom Cruise brightened the day.” He added that, “apparently absolutely delightful in his company,” Queen Elizabeth II “thoroughly enjoyed it in some very dark times.”

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