December 5, 2022

Over 200 Bangladeshis enter Mizoram to escape a violent war.


It’s been over a month since the Bangladeshis first arrived in Mizoram. They came seeking refuge from a violent war that had broken out in their home country. Over 200 of them crossed the border, making the perilous journey through the dense jungle.

They were welcomed by the Mizoram government and given shelter in a makeshift refugee camp. The camp is situated in a remote part of the state, far from the capital city.

The Bangladeshis are living in difficult conditions, with little access to basic amenities. But they are safe, and that is all that matters.

The war back home is still raging, with no end in sight. The refugees don’t know when or if they will be able to go back. But for now, they are grateful to be in Mizoram and safe.

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