March 26, 2023

At an all-party meeting, Modi pushes for agreement on India’s G20 chairmanship.


All political parties in India have been invited to a meeting by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an effort to build a consensus on India’s chairmanship of the G20 summit in 2022. India is currently in the process of assuming the rotating chairmanship of the group of 20 major economies, and Mr. Modi is keen to ensure that the country puts its best foot forward.

The G20 summit is seen as an important platform for India to showcase its economic and political clout on the global stage. Mr. Modi is therefore keen to ensure that all political parties are on board with India’s plans for the summit.

The meeting comes at a time when the country is facing an economic slowdown, and the government is under pressure to revive growth. The G20 summit presents an opportunity for the government to send a strong message to the world that India is open for business.

It is hoped that the meeting will help build a consensus on India’s plans for the G20 summit, and help the country put its best foot forward on the global stage.

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