March 27, 2023

Indian batsmen are driven by statistics. Virat Kohli is one who, to quote Lloyd, in the India-England “Bazball” game.


It’s no secret that Indian batsmen are highly driven by statistics. After all, the sport of cricket is a very statistics-driven game. And no batsman is more driven by statistics than Virat Kohli.

Kohli is a player who is always looking to improve his batting average and his strike rate. And he has done just that over the course of his career. In the India-England “Bazball” game, Kohli showed just how much he cares about his batting statistics.

Kohli scored a brilliant century in that game, and he did so while chasing a very challenging target. Chasing a target is always difficult, but Kohli made it look easy thanks to his batsmanship.

After the game, Kohli was asked about his century, and he responded by saying that he was driven by the challenge of the target. Kohli said that he wanted to prove to himself that he could score runs against a strong England bowling attack.

Kohli’s century was a great example of how much Indian batsmen are driven by statistics. Kohli proved that he is a world-class batsman, and he did so by chasing a very difficult target.

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