March 29, 2023

Report: Germany dismantles a far-right terror cell plotting a parliamentary attack.


The German government has announced that it has dismantled a far-right terror cell that was plotting an attack on the country’s parliament. The group, which is believed to be linked to the so-called “Reichsbürger” movement, was reportedly in possession of a cache of weapons and explosives.

This is just the latest in a string of far-right terror attacks that have hit Germany in recent years. In 2016, a neo-Nazi gunman killed nine people in a shooting spree in the city of Munich. And last year, a far-right extremist killed one person and injured several others in a knife attack in the eastern city of Chemnitz.

These attacks have sparked a debate about the rise of far-right extremism in Germany. Some have blamed the government for not doing enough to combat the problem, while others have accused the media of giving too much attention to far-right groups.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that far-right extremism is a growing problem in Germany. And with parliamentary elections scheduled for later this year, the government will need to do everything it can to prevent another attack.

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