March 27, 2023

Results of the MCD poll: BJP’s only hope in the Gautam Gambhir district | How other parties fared.

Gautam Gambhir

The MCD polls are seen as a litmus test for the AAP government in Delhi. The BJP is hoping to make inroads in the Gautam Gambhir district, which is seen as a stronghold of the AAP. The other parties contesting the polls are the Congress, the BSP, and the SP.

The results of the poll are as follows:

The BJP has won in the Gautam Gambhir district by a margin of 2,000 votes. The AAP has come second, while the Congress has come third. The BSP and the SP have failed to make any impact in the district.

This is a significant win for the BJP, and it is likely that the party will use this as a springboard to make further inroads into the AAP’s support base. The AAP will need to do some introspection in the wake of this defeat, and it remains to be seen how the party will bounce back.

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