March 20, 2023

Tesla provides further subsidies to Chinese customers to increase sales: Report

Tesla has been providing subsidies to Chinese customers in order to increase sales, according to a new report. The subsidies, which take the form of discounts on the purchase price of Tesla vehicles, have been offered to customers who order cars through Tesla’s website or mobile app, the report said.

The subsidies have been available since early May, and Tesla has been offering them on a case-by-case basis, the report said. The subsidies are being offered in addition to the existing subsidies that Tesla offers to customers who purchase cars through the Chinese government’s electric vehicle subsidy program.

The subsidies come as Tesla is trying to increase sales in China, where it has been struggling to gain a foothold. In March, Tesla announced that it would be cutting prices on its vehicles in China by as much as 30 percent in order to make them more affordable for Chinese consumers.

The move appears to be paying off, as Tesla’s sales in China have been on the rise in recent months. In April, Tesla sold 3,625 cars in China, up from 2,420 in March.

The subsidies are likely to further increase Tesla’s sales in China, as they make the company’s vehicles even more affordable.

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