March 29, 2023

De Kock continues to do what Gilchrist did. Is KL Rahul not fit enough, asks the former captain of Pakistan

De Kock

There are a lot of similarities between KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock. They are both attacking left-handers and they both keep wicket. And, like Adam Gilchrist, De Kock seems to be getting better with age.

De Kock is only 26, but he already has four Test centuries and two double centuries to his name. In fact, his average of 50.66 is better than Gilchrist’s. And, like Gilchrist, de Kock is also a very good batsman in limited-overs cricket.

So, it is no surprise that De Kock is being compared to Gilchrist. And, like Gilchrist, he is also starting to be seen as a potential captaincy candidate.

However, there is one big difference between De Kock and Gilchrist. And that is fitness.

Gilchrist was a very fit cricketer. He was quick between the wickets and he had a very good work ethic. On the other hand, De Kock is not particularly fit. He is often seen struggling to get through his overs in limited-overs cricket and he doesn’t look particularly quick between the wickets.

This is where KL Rahul comes in.

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