March 20, 2023

Prince Harry was under pressure not to wed Meghan Markle because “I am my mother’s son.”

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was reportedly under pressure not to wed American actress Meghan Markle. According to sources, Prince Harry’s relatives are concerned that he is moving too quickly and that he is “my mother’s son.”

Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, died in a car accident in 1997. She was only 36 years old. Prince Harry was only 12 years old at the time. Prince Harry has spoken openly about how his mother’s death affected him. In a 2017 interview, he said, “My mother died when I was very young, and I didn’t want to be in the public eye. I wanted to be a normal kid, and I wanted to grieve in private.”

At 32 years old, Prince Harry was in a relationship with 36-year-old Meghan Markle. The two were reportedly very serious and were even said to be discussing marriage. However, Prince Harry’s relatives were reportedly concerned that he was moving too quickly and that he is “my mother’s son.”

It is understandable that Prince Harry’s relatives would be concerned about him getting married. After all, his mother died tragically young. But it is also understandable that Prince Harry would want to find happiness with someone he loves. Only he can decide.

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