March 31, 2023

After a reported worker death, Qatar World Cup chief says, ‘death is a part of life.’

Qatar World Cup

In the wake of a reported death of a worker at a World Cup stadium site in Qatar, the country’s World Cup chief has come under fire for his insensitive remarks.

In an interview with Qatar’s Al Jazeera news outlet, Hassan Al Thawadi was asked about the reported death of a worker at the Al Wakrah stadium site. Al Thawadi responded by saying that “death is a part of life” and that “unfortunately, these things happen.”

Al Thawadi’s comments have been widely criticized, with many calling them insensitive and tone-deaf. Given the high number of reported worker deaths in Qatar in recent years, some have even accused Al Thawadi of being complicit in the country’s poor record on worker safety.

Qatar is set to host the World Cup in 2022, and construction on the various stadium sites is currently underway. With reports of worker deaths and poor working conditions emerging, there are serious concerns about the safety of the workers involved in the World Cup construction projects.

It remains to be seen whether Al Thawadi’s comments will have any impact on Qatar’s World Cup preparations. But for now, his remarks have only served to further highlight the problems facing workers in Qatar.

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