March 29, 2023

Evening summary: response to “Congress mukt Bharat” jibe by front-runner for Himachal Pradesh chief executive; all the latest news.


Rahul Gandhi, the front-runner for the position of chief executive of Himachal Pradesh, has responded to the “Congress mukt Bharat” jibe by saying that the Congress party is not opposed to the idea of a “Congress-free India”. He added that the party is only opposed to the “politics of hate and divisiveness” that is being promoted by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Gandhi’s response comes in the wake of the BJP’s recent victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, where the party won a resounding majority. The BJP has been using the “Congress mukt Bharat” slogan to attack the Congress party and its leaders, and has been successful in winning over many voters who are disgruntled with the Congress party’s performance.

The Congress party has been struggling in recent years, and has been unable to stem the tide of the BJP’s rise. With the BJP in power at the centre, and now in control of most of the state governments, the Congress party is facing an uphill battle.

However, Gandhi remains optimistic, and has said that the Congress party will continue to fight for the people of India. He has urged party workers to remain united and focused.

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