March 27, 2023

Five big takeaways from Gujarat, Himachal poll results 2022

Poll result

The Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections results are in and there are some big takeaways for all political parties. Here are the five big takeaways from the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh poll results:

1. The BJP has once again emerged victorious in Gujarat, winning a comfortable majority in the state assembly elections. This is a big boost for the party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

2. The Congress has put up a good show in Gujarat, significantly improving its performance from the last elections. However, the party will be disappointed with its performance in Himachal Pradesh where it has been routed by the BJP.

3. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) debut in Gujarat was a disappointment with the party failing to win a single seat. However, the party will take heart from the fact that it was able to put up a good fight in many constituencies.

4. The Gujarat elections have once again proved that caste and religion continue to be important factors in Indian politics.

5. The Himachal Pradesh elections have shown that the BJP is now a potent force in all parts of the country.

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