March 20, 2023

Gujarat exemplifies the BJP’s ‘51%’ politics.


Gujarat’s status as a BJP stronghold is no secret. The party has been in power there for over two decades now. And, as is often the case with one-party rule, the BJP has used its time in office to consolidate its power and further its ideological agenda. This is most evident in the way the party has governed the state since the 2002 riots.

There has been a concerted effort to polarise the state along communal lines. This was evident in the way the BJP government handled the 2002 riots, which were used to consolidate the party’s base among Hindu voters. The party has also been accused of using government machinery to target its political opponents.

The most recent example of the BJP’s ‘51% politics’ is the way it has handled the Patidar agitation. The Patidars are a powerful community in Gujarat and the BJP has been trying to woo them for some time now. However, the community’s leaders have been demanding reservations in government jobs and education.

The BJP government has responded by using repressive measures against the agitation. The community’s leaders have been arrested and violence has been used to quell the protests. This is typical of the BJP’s approach to politics. It is a party that believes in using.

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