March 26, 2023

Andhra on notice for Cyclone Mandous, with emergency personnel stationed in coastal areas

Cyclone Mandous

The National Disaster Management Authority has put Andhra Pradesh on notice for the possible landfall of Cyclone Mandous. The cyclone is currently over the Bay of Bengal and is expected to make landfall in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. Heavy rains and strong winds are expected to lash the coast. The NDMA has advised people to stay indoors and not venture out during the cyclone. Emergency personnel have been stationed in coastal areas and are on standby to provide assistance.

Squally weather with wind speed reaching 50-60 kmph gusting to 70 kmph prevailed on Friday afternoon at several places. It is likely to be intensified up to 80-90 kmph by Saturday, when the cyclonic storm makes the landfall. Authorities warned of damages to thatched houses and huts.

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