March 31, 2023

Donald Trump is not in a good position right now. The bad news is constant.

Donald Trump

The Mueller investigation. The Stormy Daniels story. The White House in chaos.

These are just a few of the things that are weighing down Donald Trump right now. The constant bad news seems to be taking its toll on him. The Mueller investigation is still ongoing, and new details are emerging about the Stormy Daniels story. The White House is in chaos, with infighting among the staff. This is all taking a toll on Trump, and he is not in a good position right now.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has stumbled through “one scandal after another” since taking office, professor says. He was left high and dry after most of the noteworthy candidates he backed lost in midterms. Last month, he found himself target of intense criticism after dining with Kanye West.

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