March 31, 2023

Hacking of the ruling party in Andhra. Cops “in contact with Twitter authorities”


The ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party, has been hit by a major hacking attack. Over a thousand of its Twitter followers have been deleted, and its official website has been taken down.

The party has filed a complaint with the police, who say they are “in contact with Twitter authorities” to try and track down the culprits.

This is a serious blow to the TDP, which is already reeling from a string of defeats in recent elections. The party had been hoping to use its social media presence to mount a comeback, but this attack has dealt a major setback to those plans.

It’s not yet clear who is behind the attack, but it’s clearly a coordinated effort to damage the TDP’s reputation and undermine its ability to communicate with its supporters. The party will need to act quickly to repair the damage and shore up its defences against further attacks.

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