March 27, 2023

Saket Gokhale of Trinamool said the BJP made a comical error by blaming PM Modi’s tweet rather than the 135 fatalities.

Saket Gokhale

It is comical that the BJP is trying to blame PM Modi’s tweet for the 135 fatalities in the Amphan cyclone. Saket Gokhale of Trinamool said that the BJP made a big error and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Trinamool’s Saket Gokhale was arrested twice in three days for his tweet over Morbi bridge collapse. The Trinamool leader was granted bail on Friday. He said the case filed against him was frivolous as he only ‘shared’ a tweet.

Saket said he was arrested twice in three days for the Morbi bridge tweet. Saket said the owners of the Oreva company who built the ‘faulty’ bridge have not been named in an FIR. The Trinamool leader said he shared the tweet which was made by someone else.

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