March 29, 2023

China suppresses misleading news about Covid amid panic-buying, yellow peaches and oranges


As the novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout China, the country’s government is working hard to suppress any false or misleading information about the outbreak. This includes stories about people panic-buying yellow peaches and oranges in an attempt to boost their immunity, as there is no evidence that these fruits have any effect on the virus.

In an effort to prevent panic and ensure that people are getting accurate information about the outbreak, the Chinese government is also taking steps to crack down on social media platforms that are spreading false information about the virus.

While the Chinese government’s efforts to control the spread of misinformation are admirable, it is important to remember that they are also working to control the narrative about the virus. This means that we should take any information that comes out of China with a grain of salt, as it may not be the whole story.

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