March 27, 2023

MPs from Rishi Sunak’s party are planning this significant shift out of fear of losses in 2025.

Rishi Sunak

Conservative MPs are reportedly planning to shift the party’s focus away from Brexit and back to the economy in the lead up to the 2025 general election. The move is said to be in response to fears that the party could lose significant ground to both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats if it continues to be associated with Brexit.

The change in focus would see the party return to the economic message that saw it win the 2019 general election, with an emphasis on fiscal conservatism and sound financial management. This would be a significant shift from the past few years, during which the party has been largely defined by its hardline stance on Brexit.

It remains to be seen whether this shift will be enough to win back voters who have deserted the party in recent years, but it is clear that the Conservatives are increasingly aware of the need to change tack if they are to stand any chance of winning the next election.

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