March 31, 2023

In a new, uncommon behind-the-scenes film, Nancy Pelosi’s career is examined by her daughter.

Nancy Pelosi

In a new film called “Nancy,” Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, takes a behind-the-scenes look at her mother’s career. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most powerful women in American politics, and this film examines her life and work in depth.

Alexandra Pelosi has said that she wanted to make this film because she feels that her mother is often misunderstood. “People think she’s this tough, shrill woman, but she’s really not,” Pelosi said in an interview. “She’s a mom, she’s a grandmother, she’s a sister, she’s a friend. She’s a human being.”

This film provides an intimate look at Nancy Pelosi, and is sure to be fascinating for anyone interested in American politics.

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