March 26, 2023

Vladimir Putin’s cancellation of the event causes health rumours: “He is in pain…”

Vladimir Putin

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin cancelled a meeting with the president of Kyrgyzstan. This caused speculation among the public about the Russian leader’s health, with many speculating that he is in pain.

This is not the first time that Putin has cancelled a meeting or event due to health reasons. In March, he cancelled a meeting with the pope due to “unforeseen circumstances.” And in April, he missed a meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

While Putin’s health is a matter of public interest, it is also a matter of national security. Putin is 64 years old and has been in power for 17 years. He is currently running for re-election, and if he were to become incapacitated, it could throw the country into chaos.

Putin’s spokesperson has denied that the Russian leader is in any pain, saying that he is “absolutely healthy.” However, the fact that Putin has cancelled several meetings and events in recent months has led many to believe that there is something wrong with his health. Only time will tell if Putin is truly healthy or not.

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