March 29, 2023

Congress attacks PM on China’s incursion in Tawang, “Jawab do, Modi…”


The Congress Party today attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over China’s incursion into the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, with party leader Rahul Gandhi asking “Jawab do, Modi ji…”

The Congress leader also accused the Prime Minister of “compromising” India’s territorial integrity and said that Mr. Modi should give a “straight answer” to the people of the country on the issue.

“The Prime Minister is compromising on our territorial integrity. He should give a straight answer to the people of this country on what is happening in Tawang,” Mr. Gandhi said.

The Congress leader’s comments come a day after China’s state-run media reported that a “small number” of its soldiers had entered the Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh, and set up a camp there.

The reports had also said that the Chinese soldiers had “asked Indian troops to leave” the area, but had later withdrawn after “negotiations” between the two sides.

The incident has led to a political furore in India, with the Opposition attacking the government over its handling of the matter.

The Congress Party has demanded that the Prime Minister make a statement in Parliament

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