March 31, 2023

MCD releases its Rs16K crore budget as the first House meeting is anticipated.


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has released its budget for the upcoming fiscal year, totaling Rs16,000 crore. This is the first time the MCD has released its budget prior to the start of the fiscal year, and comes as the first House meeting is anticipated.

The budget includes Rs1,200 crore for salaries and pensions, Rs2,700 crore for development work, and Rs12,100 crore for ‘non-plan’ expenditure. The MCD has also set aside Rs800 crore for the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and Rs1,000 crore for the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).

The budget was released by MCD Commissioner Praveen Gupta and is the first budget since the trifurcation of the MCD in 2012.

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