March 27, 2023

Results of the Women’s Permanent Commission: Special Board Request

Women's Permanent Commission

The Women’s Permanent Commission, also known as the WPC, was a United States government agency created in 1918. The WPC was responsible for investigating the working conditions of women and children in industry. In addition, the WPC also worked to improve the quality of life for women and children in America.

The WPC was successful in improving the working conditions for women and children in America. In particular, the WPC was instrumental in passing the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established minimum wage and hour standards for workers in the United States. The WPC also helped to establish the eight-hour work day and the forty-hour work week. In addition, the WPC helped to improve safety standards in the workplace and to prohibit child labor.

While the WPC was successful in its efforts to improve the working conditions for women and children, the Commission was disbanded in 1921 due to lack of funding.

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