March 26, 2023

After a Madhya Pradesh minister’s statement, a fringe group stirs up controversy over SRK’s “Pathaan.”


A little over a week ago, Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of State for Cooperatives Vishwas Sarang caused quite a stir when he referred to Shah Rukh Khan as a “pathaan” during a speech. The actor, who is of Punjabi descent, was born in New Delhi.

While Khan has not responded to the minister’s remarks, a fringe group called the ‘Pathan Samaj’ has now taken up the issue. The group has written a letter to the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, demanding that Sarang be sacked from his post.

The group has also threatened to stage a protest outside the minister’s house if their demands are not met.

It is unfortunate that a casual remark by a politician has led to such a consequences. It is even more unfortunate that a fringe group is using this opportunity to stir up trouble.

We can only hope that reason and sanity will prevail and that this matter will be resolved quickly and peacefully.

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