March 31, 2023

The implications for Kiev and Moscow of US intentions to deploy Patriot missiles in Ukraine.


The United States has announced its intention to deploy Patriot missiles in Ukraine. This move is likely to increase tensions between Kiev and Moscow, who are already at loggerheads over the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The deployment of Patriot missiles is a clear signal of US support for Ukraine in its standoff with Russia. The missiles are designed to defend against ballistic and cruise missile threats, and their presence in Ukraine will bolster Kiev’s ability to deter further aggression from Moscow.

However, the Kremlin is sure to view the deployment of Patriot missiles as a provocative act, and it is likely to respond by increasing its own military presence in the region. This could lead to a dangerous escalation of the conflict, with both sides deploying increasingly sophisticated weaponry in close proximity to one another.

The US must tread carefully in its dealings with Ukraine and Russia, lest it inadvertently trigger a new arms race in the region.

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