March 29, 2023

Has the Agni V missile’s range been expanded?

Agni V missile

There has been speculation that the range of the Agni V missile has been increased, but no official confirmation has been given. The missile is believed to have a range of around 5,000km, but it is thought that the new version may be able to reach up to 8,000km. This would put most of China within range of the missile, and would greatly increase India’s deterrent capability.

The DRDO appears to have been testing the usage of composite materials, including composite motors, to produce an increased range missile, while the national security establishment is keeping quiet about the test. According to a government missile expert, “There is no such thing as a night or day trial for a missile. As it is, the trial was conducted at 5:30 pm. The development trial went off flawlessly. With this, the missile range could be increased by a few hundred kilometres to suit the requirements of the Strategic Forces Command.”

It was intriguing how soon after the Indian Army had prevented 600 PLA troops from taking heights in Yangtze for tactical reasons that the three-stage solid fueled delivery vehicle with a single warhead was tested.

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