March 31, 2023

Morning summary: Morbi council members ask the government to rethink dismantling the civic body, plus the most recent news


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The Morbi district council in Gujarat has unanimously passed a resolution asking the state government to rethink its decision to dismantle the civic body. The move comes after the state government announced plans to merge the district’s municipalities and panchayats into a single urban local body.

The council members argue that the move will lead to a loss of democracy and accountability, and that the Morbi district is too large and diverse to be governed by a single body. They have also asked the state government to consider alternatives, such as creating multiple urban local bodies for different parts of the district.

The state government has not yet announced a decision on the matter, but the Morbi district collector has said that the government is “open to discussion” on the issue.

This is just one of the latest examples of local governments around the world facing pressure from central governments to streamline their operations. In many cases, these decisions are driven by financial considerations, as central governments look to save money by reducing the number of administrative units.

However, there is often resistance to these changes, as local governments argue that they are essential for ensuring democracy and accountability. In the case of Morbi, it remains to be seen whether the state government will reconsider

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