March 26, 2023

As Uttarakhand wins, Nagaland’s 25 all out is the second-lowest Ranji Trophy total in 41 years.


Uttarakhand defeated Nagaland by an innings and 34 runs in a Ranji Trophy match on Thursday. Nagaland were all out for 25 in their second innings, which is the second-lowest total in Ranji Trophy history. The lowest total is 24, which was set by Meghalaya in a match against Mizoram in 2017. This is Uttarakhand’s first win in the Ranji Trophy, and they will now face Jharkhand in the quarter-finals.

Nagaland were bowled out for 23 by Uttarakhand in their Ranji Trophy match. It was the fourth lowest total in the history of the competition. Nagaland joined an ill-famed list headed by Hyderabad who were skittled for 21 by Rajasthan in 2010-11 season.

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