March 31, 2023

Before the Karachi Test against England, Pakistani veteran Saqlain Mustaq stuns Babar Azam with a stunning ball.

Karachi Test

Babar Azam is one of the most talented batsmen in the world. He is the current captain of the Pakistani cricket team and is one of the leading run-scorers in the world. However, he was given a rude awakening by veteran Saqlain Mustaq in the lead up to the Karachi Test against England.

Saqlain, who is now retired from international cricket, was bowling in the nets to the Pakistani batsmen and he managed to bowl a perfect yorker to Azam, who was completely stunned by the delivery. The video of the delivery went viral on social media and it is clear to see why.

This is a huge fillip for the Pakistani team ahead of the Test series against England. If they can bowl out the likes of Azam, then they will fancy their chances of winning the series.

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