March 31, 2023

BJP MP calls for “one nation, one constitution” and requests Cong to state its position.


In a recent speech, BJP MP Rakesh Sinha called for India to have “one nation, one constitution”. He also requested that the Congress party state its position on the matter. Sinha’s remarks come at a time when the Indian government is facing intense scrutiny over its handling of the Kashmir issue.

Critics have accused the government of trying to undermine the state’s autonomy by repealing Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The move has sparked protests across the country, with many fearing that it could lead to further violence and unrest in the region.

The Congress party has so far been critical of the government’s handling of the situation, but has not taken a clear stance on the matter. Sinha’s remarks are likely to put pressure on the party to clarify its position.

It remains to be seen how the Congress party will respond to Sinha’s call for a unified India. However, given the current climate of unrest and uncertainty, it is clear that the issue is not going to go away anytime soon.

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