March 31, 2023

Thirty percent of the “Nirbhaya Fund” is still unused after ten years: Report

Nirbhaya Fund

The “Nirbhaya Fund” was created in 2013, after the brutal rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi. The fund was meant to be used to support initiatives that would improve women’s safety in India. However, a new report has found that only 70 percent of the fund has been used so far, and that 30 percent of it is still unused.

This is a troubling finding, as it suggests that the Indian government has not been prioritizing women’s safety as much as it should be. The Nirbhaya Fund was created in response to a heinous crime, and it is clear that more needs to be done to prevent such crimes from happening in the first place. It is disappointing to see that so much of the fund remains unused, and it is imperative that the government take action to ensure that all of the money is spent on initiatives that will make a difference for women in India.

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