March 29, 2023

Italian police use a “specially equipped Lamborghini” to carry kidneys.

Italian Police

In a novel twist on organ transplant logistics, Italian police are now using a specially equipped Lamborghini to transport kidneys. The high-performance sports car, which can reach speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, is equipped with a special cooling system to keep the organs at the optimal temperature.

While the use of a luxury car to transport organs may seem like overkill, it’s actually a sensible choice given the time-sensitive nature of organ transplants. Every minute counts when it comes to transplanting a kidney, and the Lamborghini’s speed means that organs can be transported quickly and safely to where they’re needed.

So far, the Italian police force’s Lamborghini-powered transplants have been a success, and it’s hoped that this novel approach will help to save even more lives in the future.

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