March 31, 2023

Taliban prohibition on women attending universities sparks outcry around the world


Since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 1996, they have been imposing their ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam on the Afghan people. One of the most controversial aspects of their regime has been their prohibition on women attending universities. This policy has sparked outcry around the world, with human rights groups denouncing the Taliban’s treatment of women.

The Taliban justify their ban on women attending universities by citing their interpretation of Islamic law, which they claim prohibits women from mixing with men in public. However, many Muslims around the world dispute this interpretation, and point to the fact that there are many Muslim countries where women are allowed to attend universities.

The Taliban’s policy has had a devastating effect on the education of women in Afghanistan. Before the Taliban came to power, Afghan women were some of the most educated in the Muslim world. But now, after years of being denied access to universities, the majority of Afghan women are illiterate.

The Taliban’s treatment of women has been one of the main factors driving the Afghan conflict. The Taliban’s opponents, both inside and outside of Afghanistan, have used the issue of women’s rights to rally support for their cause. In 2001, the United States military intervened in Afghanistan, in part, to overthrow the Taliban regime.

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