March 26, 2023

Can we accept China’s Covid death toll given that there is “no transparency”?

China's Covid

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, China has been tight-lipped about their true infection and death rates. This lack of transparency has led many to question whether we can trust China’s reported Covid death toll. Given the Chinese government’s history of censoring information and punishing those who speak out, it’s understandable why there is skepticism. However, we must remember that China is not the only country with a history of lying about its death toll. For example, the United States under-reported the number of soldiers who died in the Vietnam War by almost 30%. If we can’t trust our own government, how can we trust any government? The answer is, we can’t. We must accept that we will never know the true extent of the pandemic. All we can do is trust that China is doing its best to contain the virus and hope for the best.

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