March 20, 2023

Farmers claim a major nutrient deficit while the centre denies a paucity of fertiliser.


The war of words between farmers and the central government over the issue of a nutrient deficit in Indian soils continues unabated. Farmers claim that a lack of essential nutrients is severely affecting crop yields, while the centre denies that there is a paucity of fertiliser.

The central government has been quick to point out that India is the world’s second-largest producer of fertilisers, and that there is no shortage of fertilisers in the country. However, farmers argue that the quality of fertilisers being produced is poor, and that the government is not doing enough to ensure that farmers have access to quality fertilisers.

It is clear that there is a disconnect between the central government and the farmers on this issue. While the government denies that there is a problem, farmers are adamant that a lack of nutrients is severely affecting their crop yields. It is time for the government to sit up and take notice of the farmers’ concerns, and take steps to address the problem of a nutrient deficit in Indian soils.

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