March 27, 2023

Tendulkar’s major admission about why he suggested MS Dhoni as India captain: “Rahul was captain, but I would ask Dhoni…


It was no secret that Rahul Dravid was having a tough time as India captain during the 2007 Cricket World Cup. And so, when Sachin Tendulkar was asked who he would have as captain if he had a choice, he didn’t hesitate to say MS Dhoni.

In a recent interview, Tendulkar has finally opened up about why he suggested Dhoni as captain back then. He said that it was because he felt that Dhoni had the “calmness and presence of mind” that was needed to lead the team in tough situations.

Tendulkar also added that he had faith in Dhoni’s ability to finish games off, which is something that Dravid struggled with at times.

There’s no doubt that Dhoni proved Tendulkar right, as he went on to have a hugely successful captaincy career. But it’s interesting to hear Tendulkar’s thoughts on the matter, and it just goes to show how much faith he had in Dhoni’s abilities even back then.

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